Will someone visit our site and suggest the correct equipment for our warehouse?

Network Forklift Hire Sydney staff will come to your site at no cost and give you the correct advice on what forklift is best for you and your company.




Who pays for the servicing on a hire unit and are there any hour limitation on the usage?

Network Forklift Hire Sydney takes care of all of the regular service on our hire forklifts, unlike other forklift hire companies we have no limitation on your hours used, so there will be no excess hour fees when the machine is returned.




Who pays the delivery fee for the transport?

Network Forklift Hire Sydney will pay all transport chargers on any long term hire agreement in the Sydney Metro Area.




Why choose a smaller family owned company instead of a larger forklift importer?

Network Forklift Hire Sydney is a family owned and operated company so every customer is treated the same regardless of how many forklifts you hire, at NFH we don't treat just like another number.




Can I change the type of forklift in my rental term?

Network Forklift Hire Sydney has the flexibility to allow change of a forklift through the rental agreement.




Can we send back our unit earlier without any penalties?

Network Forklift Hire Sydney understands that circumstances’ change and we are more then happy to take back the unit before the term is complete without imposing and return fees.